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Welcome to NEAR-900!
The New England Amateur Radio 900 MHz Network

NEAR-900 was founded in 2008 by GEMOTO and several repeater owners.  It is a growing network of linked repeaters providing 900 MHz coverage throughout New England.

The IRLP New England Reflector 912 Channel 5 (9125) is the central linking hub of the network.  You can see which repeaters are currently connected by checking the 9125 channel on the IRLP Status Page.  Non-900 MHz IRLP nodes are welcome to connect breifly as guests, while 900 MHz nodes are encouraged to remain connected for extended periods.  For more information, see our full Policy on the reflector's web site.

To help promote the use of 900 MHz in New England, Thursdays are designated as "900 MHz Thursdays".  Get on your local 900 MHz repeater and make at least one contact to participate!  You can also find your closest 900 MHz repeater by checking the New England Repeater Directory's 33-centimeter band database.

All are welcome to attend "South Shore 900 MHz Night" at the 3A Bar and Grill in Plymouth, MA on the fourth Thursday of each month (except November and December when it's the 3rd Thursday) at 5:30 PM.  Arrive as early as 5:00 or 5:30 PM, with talk-in on the Marshfield NEAR-900 repeater. Shuttle service can be arranged from the Plymouth airport 5 minutes away.  Discussion is not limited to 900 MHz and includes HF/VHF/UHF, GMRS, repeaters, digital modes, commerical equipment or any other ham topic.

We also have a mailing list via Google Groups for active hams of the NEAR-900 community.  Topics include the latest surplus radios for sale, local repeater changes, radio programming and codeplugs, 900 day and 900 night discussion and more.  Need a radio programmed in person at 900 night?  Toss it out to the group about a week before so we can arrange the proper computer, cables and programs!

NEAR-900 Full-Time Repeaters

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